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Cloudgate Theatre

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Chicago, IL, USA

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We Believe Theatre is for Everyone

No donation is too small! Your tax-deductible donation goes directly towards compensating artists and other production costs for our upcoming production, Strange Heart Beating. It will take a vibrant team of artists to bring to life this story filled with a nameless lake who narrates the play, loons that set souls free, an industrial turkey barn, a small town sheriff's office, a gallows, and more.

If you have more resources at your disposal and are interested in supporting artist-centered, fiercely theatrical new work, consider sponsoring Strange Heart Beating. Sponsorships are a way for us to bring this story to life by covering our costs on an itemized basis. You can sponsor: 

  • A week of rental in the theatre for $1,000

  • An artist working on the production for $400

  • A scenic element for $300

  • Marketing for the show for $200

  • A costume for $150


Sponsors will be invited to a private preview performance and reception with members of the Cloudgate company and Strange Heart Beating creative team, and a signed poster for the production! Want to customize your gift? No problem. Let us know your ideal way to support our work. Sponsorships start at $150.

Cloudgate Theatre Supporters

Cumulonimbus ($1000 and above)

Clare and Joseph V. Idaszak

Joseph E. Idaszak

Joseph G. Idaszak

Cirrus ($500-$999)

Dominic DiGiovanni

Mary and George Fitzpatrick

Nimbostratus ($250-$499)

Marsha and Greg Kelly

Ed and Jen Leahy

Stratus ($100-249)

Mary Ellen Callaghan

Gerard and Peggy Gregerson

Anne and Pat Hartman

Andrea and Marty Idaszak

The Schug Family

Roshanna Sylvester

Catherine Weidner + Kevin McGuire

Whole Health Chicago

Evan Sposato

Danny Sama

Cumulus ($1-99)

Christopher Ashley + Elíse Ashley Hanley

Kristin and Alec Bernstein

Christopher and Lacey Burpee

Kitty and John Culbert

Pat J. King

Shayna O'Neill

Jess Reese

Peggy Riley-Dooley

Sanford Robbins

Linsea Waugh

Jake Stuiver

Brian Barasch

Leah Raidt

Samara Harris

Fenty Studham

Elle Riley-Condit

James Knight

Zoe DePreta

Chris Barker

Kate Kane

Caitlin McLeod

Sarah Feldman

Max Maller

Sarah Slight

Brian Polak

James Flemming

Andrew Ramirez

Jenni Lamb

Andrew McArdle

Eric Sisco

Stephanie Shum

Shaun Renfro

Jay Epps

Lila Gilbert

Mary Tilden