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Cloudgate Theatre creates theatre and performance that challenge the norms of American theatre. We make new work that tells stories from a queer, feminist gaze. We believe that theatre is the place where we can imagine the world we want to live in, and work to make it real. We want to create theatrical experiences that foster community, question authority, and offer meaning.

And we want to tell you some damn good stories.

Another Jungle 18-123.jpg

Photo by Tom McGrath/TCMCG Photography

Photo by Jim Carmody


We are continuing a dramatic tradition that goes back to the foundations of democracy. Theatre is an essential part of a civic practice. It creates the space to make and remake our own narratives. We believe in the fundamental power of storytelling and the necessity of a plurality of perspectives.

As such, we commit to making work that is:

Formally inventive

Theatrically ambitious

Aesthetically rigorous


Photo by Tom McGrath/TCMCG Photography


We believe that artistic vision is empty without a value system that places a plurality of perspectives at its center.

Our core values, which will manifest both onstage and off are:





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